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Applicant Welcome & Instructions

Monday, September 5, 2016
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Thank you for your interest in the New Hampshire Chapter of NIHOA. This letter describes the process for becoming a member of our organization.

The New Hampshire Ice Hockey Officials Association officiates boys and girls high school and prep school varsity and junior varsity games in New Hampshire. Some members also work college games for the ECAC, Hockey East and other college leagues. The average member works about 35 games. An apprentice member will be assigned to work 15-20 games during the season. Most apprentices spend a year or two before becoming a full member although this is highly dependent on skill level, experience level and chapter demand.

To become an apprentice member, an applicant must fill out an application form (available on our website's "Applicants" tab), send a resume of hockey experience (playing and officiating), and supply two (2) letters of recommendation from someone involved in hockey, along with a check for $25.00 payable to "NIHOA-NH" to the Treasurer. The applicant will then be invited to take a written exam on the NCAA rules, passing with an 85% grade or better and pass a skating exam. Upon successful completion of these items, the applicant will attend the annual mandatory fall meeting for all members and possibly officiate some High School exhibition games as a final test to show some previous experience. If all is satisfactory, there will be an additional registration fee for dues and insurance before games are assigned for the season. The testing process takes place in mid-October.

It is expected that those who are applying for membership have ice hockey officiating experience. That experience should include having officiated 50-100 games, with 75+ being optimal.

If you are interested, fill out the form on this site via the "Application Form" link. Your testing/application fee can be sent to the NIHOA-NH address listed below. New rule books and meeting dates are available in early September, so this application process should be near completion at that time.

Thank you for your interest and if you have any more questions, call Pierre at (603) 485-5424 between 10:00 AM. and 8:00 PM. You may also email Peirre at or Keith Frost, Membership Chair at


mail fees to:

454-2 Fourth Range Road
Pembroke, NH 03275

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